Cat Adoption Sanctuary


We are always looking for volunteers to assist in many ways: We provide a loving temporary home for ALL our animals. We feed them; we give them the necessary medical attention; we provide love and try to make the cat adoptable. Some older animals have been in the wild too long, so for them, we provide sanctuary and a place to call them home. But in order to continue this charitable work, we need your help, whether it is a donation for which you will be provided with a charitable income tax receipt or whether you are able to volunteer your time: both are important, Happy Days Sanctuary needs your help in order to continue this valuable service to the community.

  • One of our biggest needs is people that have the patience to play with a pet, who doesn’t know how to play, so that we can teach them that humans aren’t dangerous.
  • We only have so much room and we would love to have people who are willing to foster certain animals in their own home. These would probably be the animals that have already been socialized to a degree and now are ready to see what living in a house means, they have never heard a television or household appliances. This is just an extension of their socialization journey.
  • Everyday our rescues receive breakfast and dinner. The beginning of the day, before breakfast, the main room has to be swept and every other day the floor is washed. Unless our little friends have been playing in the mud and we have to give the floor a once over.
  • We could always use help with some general maintenance, as our residents tend to scratch the window frames and walls sometimes. So every once in awhile, the sanctuary needs some little touch ups to keep it looking nice.
  • Transporting animals for veterinary care

Please contact us for further info.

Cat Adoption Sanctuary

With your help we can reduce the amount of homeless animals on the street and get them the greatly needed medical care they deserve.


We would like to increase the size of the facility to be able to accommodate more animals who require help. There are a variety of neglected and/or abused animals needing assistance.

The family behind Happy Days Sanctuary has spent a lifetime caring and nurturing for a variety of animals but was not until 2018 was the decision made to make it a more lifetime priority commitment. Residents , initially being cats and dogs within the local area but as news spread fast throughout the animal rescue network it was evident that Happy Days was needed on a much larger scale Nationally. Happy Days began accepting animal in dire straits from other provinces, especially in Alberta. Happy Days works very closely with a variety of other rescue and sanctuary facilities to ensure every possible chance is given to every deserving animal.


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