Cat Adoption Sanctuary


This a vital part of our continuous growth and longevity at Happy Days Sanctuary. We rely on businesses of all sizes to assist donations, supplies, food and monetary donations. As re continuously receive abused and neglected animals it is crucial to have the infrastructure to house these damaged animals in a safe, secure environment before they are ready for adoption or before they begin their lives as full time residents of Happy Days Sanctuary. The elements of Canada alone is a significant risk to these fragile animals and the facilities they call home are constantly needed to be repaired, restored or built to accommodate the growing numbers of abused and neglected animals. If you would like to learn more about our Corporate Sponsorship Initiatives please contact us for further info.


As we are seeing more significant weather-related events each year, Happy Days Sanctuary has committed to assisting local shelters and communities in devastated areas across North America. Whether it’s a flooded community, tornado, hurricane or a wildfire, families are very offered forced to evacuate without noticed and cannot retrieve their family pets. Many pets get displaced and never find their way home or are injured during the event. Local shelter and veterinary clinics become overwhelmed instantly and with our assistance can help provide comfort, medical assistance and hopefully a way back home. Often is simply a need of blankets, fresh water, food and the basic essentials that are required without notice. Happy Days significantly relies on our corporate sponsor and donours to assist with supplies and the staff at Happy Days Sanctuary coordinate the transportation of supplies to the devastated area.

Happy Days is extremely excited to announce our partnership with First Onsite Restoration in 2022

FIRST ONSITE, a leading restoration and property reconstruction company serving North America and beyond. We’re proud to provide the highest-quality remediation, restoration, and reconstruction services for essential industries of every kind: from healthcare and education, to commercial and residential.  Our local, dedicated operations are backed by extensive national resources, so that we can be first to arrive and first to make a difference for businesses, homeowners and communities. Our speed, scope, and scale are unmatched, but it’s our people that make the real difference. With a commitment to excellence, service, and doing the right thing, we’ll get you back to work and life. No matter what.


If you would like to donate directly to Happy Days Sanctuary, to save service fees, you can e-transfer us at

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Happy Days Sanctuary is a registered charity designed to rescue and protect homeless, domestic and farm animals in the Niagara region and surrounding areas.

Charitable Registration No.
72314 6718 RR0001

Cat Adoption Sanctuary

With your help we can reduce the amount of homeless animals on the street and get them the greatly needed medical care they deserve.


We would like to increase the size of the facility to be able to accommodate more animals who require help. There are a variety of neglected and/or abused animals needing assistance.

The family behind Happy Days Sanctuary has spent a lifetime caring and nurturing for a variety of animals but was not until 2018 was the decision made to make it a more lifetime priority commitment. Residents , initially being cats and dogs within the local area but as news spread fast throughout the animal rescue network it was evident that Happy Days was needed on a much larger scale Nationally. Happy Days began accepting animal in dire straits from other provinces, especially in Alberta. Happy Days works very closely with a variety of other rescue and sanctuary facilities to ensure every possible chance is given to every deserving animal.


Charitable Registration No.
72314 6718 RR0001